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Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop


Trukmė: 3 dienos
954 € (+ PVM 21%)

Apie mokymus:

The SQL Tuning Workshop class covers investigative methods that reveal varying levels of detail about how the Oracle database executes a SQL statement. Students learn the different ways in which data can be accessed, which ones are most efficient under specific circumstances, and how to ensure that the best method is used. Topics on taking advantage of hints, bind variables, and different types of indexes are also covered.

Dėstytojas: Gediminas Reimeris

Mokymų temos:

1. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
2. Introduction to SQL Tuning
3. Introduction to the Optimizer
4. Optimizer Operators
5. Interpreting Execution Plans
6. Case Study: Star Transformation
7. Optimizer Statistics
8. Using Bind Variables
9. Using Optimizer Hints
10. Application Tracing
11. Automating SQL Tuning