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Oracle Database 11g: Backup and Recovery Workshop


Trukmė: 3 dienos
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Apie mokymus:

After completing this course, students should be able to evaluate their own recovery requirements and develop an appropriate strategy for backup and recovery procedures. This course reviews the backup and recovery techniques that are discussed in the Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and II courses, and examines various backup, failure, restore, and recovery scenarios. Students are expected to have some knowledge of Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager, as they will use RMAN and Enterprise Manager to perform backup and recovery operations. Flashback features are also described as an additional way to recover from various errors. Extensive hands-on practices and workshops provide the student with experience in a realistic technical environment.
This course includes interactive workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to diagnose and recover from numerous failure scenarios, based on backup and recovery case studies.


• Database Administrators
• Technical Administrator
• Technical Consultant

Mokymų temos:

1. Introduction
2. Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager
3. Configuring for Recoverability
4. Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
5. Backup Concepts and Strategies
6. Creating Backups
7. Restore and Recovery Concepts
8. Using Data Recovery Advisor
9. Performing Recovery
10. Using Flashback Technologies
11. Flashback Database
12. RMAN Performance and Tuning
13. Backup and Recovery Workshop Scenarios